This week I had the opportunity to do something very different.  Through a reference from a past bride who now works for Oxfam America, I was hired to document a publicity stunt for the group, aimed at raising awareness about the way big brands are contributing to a changing climate.  I loved working with Oxfam for the day, and admired their use of humor in their activism.  I was there as they brought their campaign to the Sweets and Snack Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Through clever campaign materials and costumes, they hoped to encourage big brands like Kellogg’s to take action and help reduce their effects on the environment.
After the group was “asked to leave” the expo at McCormick place, I followed them to Ohio Street beach where they staged their “Breakfast of the Future” stunt in the waters of Lake Michigan.  And yes, I am waist deep in some very cold water!
Thanks to a great group for having me. For more information on their initiatives, or to get involved, visit  or