stephblog00Steph and Joe had a wedding all their own, incorporating their truly unique style in a most fabulous way.  This was my first ever halloween wedding, and I had been looking forward to it for well over a year.  Fake blood on the wedding cake?  Guests in costume?  A vintage theatre for portraits?  They had me at hello.  Combine all of these things with the fact that Steph and Joe are one of the sweetest couples you could ever meet, and there you have it.  A truly one-of-a-kind wedding indeed.  Check this one out!



Wait, did I almost forget to mention that Steph went paint-balling the next morning in her wedding dress!!!

www.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comwww.thealbumcafe.comThanks to Steph and Joe for the unforgettable experience.  We loved being a part of such a fun weekend.  We wish you every happiness! xoxo